Neumann Family History

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         Klein Schardau was situated 21 km. south-west of Marienburg (Malbork); Schulwiese was another 1.5 km. south-west of Klein Schardau, both within the administrative dictrict of Stuhm, in what became known as West Prussia after partition in 1772.

     The 1776 Prussian census lists 17 Mennonite families in Klein Schardau with the following surnames: Albrecht, Becher, Block, Ewert, Jantzen, Kliewer, Neumann, Nickel, Penner, Schmidt, Tiahrt, Vodt, and Wichert. In 1824, Mennonites held 17 properties in Klein Schardau, and in 1885, Klein Schardau was inhabited by 26 Catholics, 32 Evangelicals, and 69 Mennonites. Mennonites who were residents of Klein Schardau and Schulwiese were members of the Tragheimerweide Mennonite Church.     

     These church records record the birth of Andreas Neumann, our ancestor, on November 11, 1735, in Schulwiese, Marienwerder, Prussia.
 Four other Neumann men are recorded as peers of Andreas, born between the years 1735 and 1760, all of which could have been his brothers, but no evidence to that effect exists. Records show that Andreas, David and Abraham were landowners.

     About 1764,
Andreas married Margaretha Abrams, of Klein Schardau, Stuhm, Prussia. They appear to have moved there after their first child’s birth, according to the records, which also indicate that this was where Andreas died in 1808. They had six children – all sons. David Andreas Neumann was their fifth child, born 23 Feb 1783.

     In 1815, David married Katharina Foth of Insel Kueche, Marienwerder, Prussia. After their third child, in early 1819, they immigrated to Russia; his passport is dated September 14, 1819. They had no cash, but brought possessions valued at 330 rubles, 45 kopeks, 1 wagon, no horses, one head of cattle; the wagon and head of cattle cost 126 rubles. The local administration suggested providing financial aid for the purchase of two horses and one head of cattle at a sum of 155 rubles, and also for building a house and establishing the household, at a sum of 589 rubles. They settled in #4, Village of Marienthal, Molotschna Colony, where they had two more children.

     While still in Prussia, David Andreas Neumann fathered my ancestor, David David Neumann, born out of wedlock in Klein Schardau on 23 Sep 1816, to Sara Dahl. Sara Dahl and son, David David Neumann, emigrated to Russia in 1829. The 1835 Molotschna census lists her living with David, at the home of Gerhard Peter Schroeder, #5 Marienthal.



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