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Abraham Jacob and Maria (Eitzen) Loewen Family, 1926
(missing Jacob)



The history found here is a brief overview, providing the visitor with a snapshot only of our Loewen family story. It is based on information gleaned over the last several decades, both from literature and from personal interviews with my uncles and aunts. At times it may be sprinkled with personal observations, reflecting my own perspective on events.

The Loewen Story begins in 18th century Prussia; anything prior to that would be very general and not specific to the family story, and can be found in many Mennonite history sources. In 1819, the story moves to Russia, where the family made its home until 1926, following the Russian Revolution and Civil War, when my grandfather gathered his family and emigrated to Canada.

The photos posted here are generally of a more distant time period. Comments or questions would also be welcomed, as well as any additional input.

Historiography of the 'Loewen' surname

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