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   The descendants of Isaac Loewen (b. Abt. 1735) number approximately  78,000. It should be noted that the genealogical information provided at this site may not always be accurate, as updates are being regularly made.

     A "Descendant Count" has been provided (outdated), which lists just over 52,000 (now 78,000, noted above) individuals, a numeric count of descendants, by "Generation"; one column relates to direct descendants and the other to their spouses.

     Some genealogists strongly suspect that Isaac Loewen is a descendant of Michael Loewen, 1606-1710 (as I have believed for many years), however, no link has yet been found to bear this out. In that respect, our ancestral tree is not alone, as there is at least one other Loewen line that has similar beliefs on this matter. There is anecdotal information gleaned from some family records that we are descended from Michael Loewen, however, in the absence of hard evidence, we will have to patiently wait for that link to be made.

     One factor that may have played a role in making it more difficult to trace lineage is the decimating impact of pandemics. In 1709, Danzig was struck by the Plague, killing 30,000. No doubt, Mennonites were not immune, and it is possible that it may have played a role in erasing or covering up clear ancestral lines.

     A link provided at the top of this page relates to DNA testing, including analysis of my personal DNA sample, which provides further support for the anecdotal information referred to above, suggesting a link to Michael Loewen.



Abraham Jacob Loewen, 1874 - 1977
  Maria Eitzen, 1876 - 1957 

     Because of the large number of files involved, I have not included all the descendants of Isaac Loewen in the "Descendants" link below, but have begun with Johann Jacob Loewen (1800 - 1848). The reader should know that Johann's known ancestors were Jacob (1756 - 1807) and Isaac (1735 - 1783).

Descendants of Johann Jacob Loewen (1800 - 1848)
Descendant Count

Loewen Pedigree

Eitzen Pedigree

My Ancestry (David Loewen)

Tribute to my Grandparents