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Tim Janzen Family History Of special note, his compilation of links for researchers of Low German Mennonite Genealogy
  Tim's Prussia research links & information
  Tim's Russia research links & information
  Tim's Canada research links & information
  Tim's USA research links & information
Mennonite Genealogical Resources Should be your first stop on any genealogical or historical research on Mennonite ancestry.
Mennonite Church Canada Genealogy and historical research links; links to Mennonite organizations and institutions
Mennonite Historian Archived Publications
Mennonite Historical Society of B.C.  
GAMEO Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online
Katie Peters Collection Unpublished Genealogies
Cyndi's List A large categorized and cross-referenced directory of sites useful for genealogical research, with hundreds of thousands of links.
Willi Vogt Site A very information-rich site on Mennonites in Russia; in German (Use Google Translate if the language is a barrier).
Mennonite DNA Project Information at this site is dedicated to a group of Mennonites known as the Low-German Mennonites. Links to larger Mennonite project available at this site.
MyHeritage Personal 'Loewen' site on MyHeritage
Ancestry Personal 'Loewen' page on Ancestry
Online Journal of Genetics & Genealogy DNA Blog site
Your Genetic Genealogist Genetics & Genealogy for the Non-Scientist
Autosomal DNA Testing Comparison Chart Chart created by Tim Janzen; International Society of Genetic Genealogy Wiki
Before You Buy a DNA Test Some points to consider before you buy
MAID Mennonite Archival Image Database; over 80,000 photographs pertaining to Mennonite history and genealogy
MAPCON - Genealogy Resources Online A variety of posted articles related to genealogical research